Trip Planning

Adventure essentials:



  • Fully brimmed light hat

  • Sun glasses

  • *Wool toque


  • 1 Light splash top and/or light raincoat

  • 1 Fleece top

  • 1 Long sleeved rash guard

  • 2-3 light long sleeved poly/merino tops

  • 2-3 T-shirts

  • *Thermal top (warm)

  • *Puff Jacket


  • 2 Swim suits

  • 2 Light hiking shorts

  • 2 light hiking pants

  • *Thermal bottom (warm)


  • Water sandals and/or water shoes

  • Light hiking footwear

  • *Thermal socks


  • Sunscreen

  • Bug juice

  • Head lamp for the Caves or night walks

  • A water proof dry bag for your day tripping items (20-30 litre should do it) and/or regular day back pack

  • A couple durable water bottles. Bottled water can be bought in most places

  • Water proof camera or a least something to put your camera in that is water proof

  • Packable towel

  • Snorkel/fins/mask- bring your own or you can use ours

  • *Light sleeping bag and/or pillow (optional)

  • Snacks. Cuba has a very limited selection of western world snacks so we recommend bringing items like power bars, granola bars, gorp and/or candy. It’s always good to have some munchies when exerting energy. Chocolate melts in Cuba... but is still GOOD!

*For those of you who have booked one of our tours in the South-Central region of Cuba that includes one night of Glamping (glamorous camping), extra attention to warmth is needed. It can get chilly up in the Mountains at night. The temperature can dip to 15c (59-degree f).

Non-adventure essentials:

  • Money - Bring some of your local cash to Cuba and exchange it at the airport to the Cuban C.U.C. We recommend approximately $300.00 CUC’s once exchanged. Remember that you will need it to buy things in Cuba and to also tip locals for their services. Banks are very sparse in Cuba and credit cards are pretty much useless where we travel. Cash is gold!

  • TP - Bring a roll of toilet paper with you. Trust me on this one!

  • Cell - If you are bringing a cell phone and plan to use it make sure to get a Cuba plan from your provider. If you forget to do this you will be shocked when your bill arrives.

  • Internet – You can buy an internet card at most City squares for 3-4 CUC’s for 1 hour. Please ask your guide for assistance.

  • Gratuities – Please see General Tipping Guidelines below.

  • Clothing – Cuba is a wonderfully warm tropical island so cotton and other light natural fabrics are ideal. Cubans dress sharp and contemporary – a consideration when selecting your travel wardrobe.

  • Power Plugs - To adapt or not to adapt that is the question. Electricity is 110- 220v AC, same as North America.


  • Round trip ground transfers to and from airport

  • *Meals and Accommodations

  • Professional guide(s)

  • Professional bus driver or 4x4 Jeep driver(s)

  • Equipment for activities included in the program

*There may be some meals not included due to flight arrival or departure times or special circumstances.

Please note: some people will want to extend their trips. Any transfers, food or accommodations outside our program are not included. We will assist in any way we can to help support logistics beyond our tour.


  • Personal incidentals and tipping

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • *Cuban Tourist Card (provided by most airlines on route to Cuba and / or OFAC

     *Applies to Cuba tours only

  • Medical insurance

  • Airfare

  • Flight cancellation insurance

  • Activities outside the program

  • Transfers outside the program


One of the most important goals is to have all our client’s flights arriving and departing around the same time. Before booking your flights for our trips please consult with the Cuba Adventure Company to help choose the right flight based on our tour schedule and other party’s flights. As you can imagine, this can get very complicated.  It is our goal to make this as smooth as possible and to use our bus as the main shuttle to and from the airport.

General Tip'ing Guidelines

If you have a great adventure with TEAM CAC, approximately 5% pp of the cost of the trip is recommended. Our TEAM includes: Canadian tour leader, lead local guide, Interpretive guide and Bus driver who will all be with us for the duration of the trip. If they exceed your expectations feel free to show your appreciation.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid any confusion, please approach your friendly neighbourhood Canadian tour leader with your tip at the end of the trip (typically after the last supper) who will distribute the funds accordingly. For smaller groups, please approach your Cuban guides directly with your tip.

For daily incidentals:

  • 1 dollar per meal

  • 1 dollar per night for house cleaning staff

  • 1 dollar for porters

  • 3-5 dollars for special meal (private restaurant)

  • 3-5 dollars for special musical guest(s)

  • 3-5 dollars for special interpretive guest(s)

  • 5-10% of fare for taxi rides

  • Loose change for bar tender

Thank you for supporting TEAM CAC!


Cuba can be a challenge. Often things don’t go as planned. Flexible travelers with a sense of humor consider it part of their Cuban adventure. Our Cuban partners work very hard to make your tour unfold seamlessly, but sometimes itinerary changes happen in light of hardships on the island. Try to keep an open mind and a warm heart.



We believe that quality equipment helps to enhance your experience which is why we use top of the line Kayaks, Stand Up PaddleBoards, Bikes and Accessories.


The Vision 150 Kevlar kayak delivers an excellent mix of on water efficiency and maneuverability. With a standard rudder the Vision 150 displays the highest level of tracking for a light touring kayak. Featuring enough storage capacity for long weekend trips and the efficiency to travel new distances, this is a perfect kayak for our Cuba kayak adventures.

Like the Vision 150, the Double Vision shares all the design, function, and performance of the solo in a kayak for two. This 16’8” kayak offers high levels of stability and tracking that will provide hours of paddling fun in all conditions.

The VAåG and Vital
The Vaag 174 is a 17’4” stylish sea kayak with flawless performance for the savvy paddler. With exceptional handling and performance you'll feel like pushing your limits in this boat. The Vital 16’6” is the little sister. These thoroughbreds are typically for the guides but you may persuade us to give them a try!


Crossover1011Top cuba adventure company.jpg

From Hawaii, was the first company to develop Stand Up Paddleboards commercially. So, it only makes sense that we use this product being that Cuba Adventure Company was the first company to introduce Stand Up Paddleboarding to Cuba. We have a few different C4 iSUP models that suit both the Ocean environment as well as Lakes and Lagoons. Great for all conditions.



This is a hybrid with a mountain bike position but with road wheel 29” 700c wheels that are a bit wider then road hybrids so they are great for all round use: roads, dirt roads, a bit of mud as well. They have suspension forks for the bumps and mountain bike gears so they are like a light weight fast mountain bike.

The dual-sport DXT’s are pumped-up, go-anywhere/do-anything bikes. With more gearing range to take on steeper hills and tougher terrain. Wider tires with a trail-capable tread for access to more riding areas, both paved and packed. And disc brakes and suspension forks for real off-road exploration and off-pavement adventure.

Cuba MTB Bike.jpg


The Salus Eddy-Flex offers added contouring back foam, tapered shoulders, Dry-Lex back lining, pull-forward adjustments and an easy-grab zipper tab, making it a welcome companion to any water adventure. The addition of unisex styling, contoured fit, easy-on front zipper design, 3MTM reflective trim, rounded edges and soft-foam construction put the Eddy-flex in a league of high-end vests with streamlined features.