In 2012, I flew to Cuba to meet a Cuban Ambassador and have him show me around the country. It was soon evident that Cuba was much more than an inexpensive 'all inclusive' beach destination. The natural beauty was more than I had ever imagined! It is a completely untapped gem for paddlers and adventure seekers like myself. Over the next 2 years we tackled mountains of paper work, endless meetings with the government, the coast guard, ministry of tourism, customs etc. I also faced the struggles of getting the first container of quality sea kayaks and paddling equipment into Cuba. With my first grey hairs showing and some crazy stories to tell, we had done it! I'm so proud to be apart of Cuba's very first sea kayak tour operation. Our tours started fully in Oct. 2014 and have since become a huge hit. The word has started to spread among the paddling community attracting people from Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Norway and of course the U.S. With the great success of year one almost behind us I looked to team up with another like minded company to help grow the company for 2015-2016 season. It was a cold Canadian winter day that I invited a great friend and colleague of mine, Peter Whaley owner of Coastal Spirit Expeditions, for a coffee. Well, it wasn't long before Peter joined me on one of our trips and was SOLD on the experience and wanted to become part of this exciting venture. Peter and I have known each other for over 10 years and suffer from the same infectious fun loving disorder. The perfect team to infect the world with the bug called Cuba.

With a great team behind now us we continue to expand, offering new and exciting adventure programs for the 2018-19 season including new destinations to Baja, Belize, Chile, Croatia and Spain. 

Both Peter, myself and the rest of our C.A.S.T (Cuba All-star Team) are very approachable and would be glad to talk to you if you have any questions regarding our Adventures.


Meet the team!

Earth Travellers - West Cuba - jays profile pic.jpg

Jay Mothersill
(Adventure Specialist)

Cuba has recharged my excitement for discovery and adventure to a whole new level. My passion is paddling and my love and enthusiasm for it is infectious. I grew up in canoes and kayaks and graduated from an outdoor recreation program. I went on to complete my studies as a fish and wildlife biologist. I have been very blessed to work in a field that I love for over 22 years as a guide, instructor, naturalist. I am co-owner of Muskoka Paddle Shack, one of Canada's leading Paddle shops for the last 12 yrs. I am also a super proud dad of a sweet little girl named Teah. She lets me know that she is my little dora the explorer on our adventures.

Peter Whaley
(Adventure Specialist)

My earliest memories of paddling are with my Dad up at our cottage on lake Muskoka when I was about 6 yrs old. We would take the cedar strip canoe out on the lake early in the morning as the mist was rising and paddle to a nearby Beaver dam and listen to the warding off'smack' of their tails as we tried to approach stealthily. Now, some 50 years later, kayaking, canoeing, SUP'ing and adventuring has taken me to some of the most beautiful places in the world including now, CUBA! My home-base in the summer is in the historic fishing village of River John, Nova Scotia where for the last 25yrs. I have guided guests on the Ocean and River in my backyard.

Mabelin Benavidez Marinez & Alian Alonso
(Dive Specialists)

Mabelin Benavidez Marinezor as we like to call her Mabe is an extraordinary interpretive guide excelling in Cubas indigenous Flora and Fauna. Her enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge and adventurous spirit makes her a tour favourite amongst our guests!  Oh, did we mention she's also fluent in Spanish, English and French. We are very excited to have Mabe on board with Cuba Adventure Company.

Alian Alonso is our Scuba diving master, spending 5 years with the National Military Academy in the Scuba diving department. He now makes his home in the beautiful province of Cienfuegos. Alian works as a dive instructor at Yaguanabo Resort near the historic city of Trinidad and is one of the co-founders of Perla del Sur which means the pearl of the south. This project focuses on cleaning and preserving the corals of the southern shore. We invited Alian to join Cuba Adventure Company because of his passion for diving, teaching, and commitment to help preserve the magic of the Sea world. 

Jeff Dupuis
(Multisport Specialist)

Writing this bio is a bit difficult for me because when I reflect on the years I've spent in the outdoors I can’t think of a time when my love and passion for the outdoors was not a part of my life. The challenge for me has always been focusing on one activity. It's safe to say I've failed at this and mostly because when it comes to outdoor adventure, I still have what I call “the fever”.  I can't shake it. 

Having the fever is an outdoor illness that causes one to want to do anything and everything that inspires a sense of adventure in the outdoors. Growing up in Canada is and has been one of the best remedies for this illness. 
Along the way I've had the good fortune of being able to work in the paddle sports industry serving the many customers searching to experience this same outdoor adventure. My reward was always the feeling I had watching a happy customer leave the store with a canoe or kayak on top of there vehicle. I look forward to that same sense of joy serving you as one of Cuba Adventure Company's guides. Don't worry, the worst that could happen is you just might catch the FEVER!!

Earth Travellers - West Cuba - Meylins new profile pic.jpg

(Multisport Specialist)

I live in the beautiful province of Cienfuegos, Cuba in the south center of the island and am the proud mother of a great little boy named Erick. I went to college to study music for six years specializing in piano, guitar and voice. I furthered my education by graduating in tourism and worked at Villa Guajimico as the entertainment coordinator, recreational guide and public relationship manager at the resort. My passions include a love of languages, dance, sports and guiding outdoor activities including kayaking, rock climbing, caving, horseback riding, scuba diving, trekking and now SUP'ing! I am very excited to be on board the Cuba Adventure Team as the Multi Sport Specialist. My love for Cuba is infectious...come see!


Jorge Felix Lemos Aberola
(Kayak Specialist)

I was born in November 26,1973. My wife and son are my buddies in life, about me well here you are..!

Normal school as every kid until high school where I choose to attend sports academy in Havana. After graduation I started as a physical education professor in primary school and also some high schools in Cienfuegos. I also work as a life guard trainer throughout Cuba. Five years later I went to Suecia to take an international rescue course for two years. When I got back to Cuba I got a job at Marina Marlin in Cienfuegos where I was an instructor of sailing and kayaking. Months later Cuba Kayak Adventures offered me this amazing opportunity a sea kayak guide in south central Cuba. I was hooked instantly and I hope to do this forever! I love water sports. Thank you Peter and Jay for this adventure. So what are you waiting for!? Life is short! Come to Cuba and let us guide you on an awesome adventure. 

Steph Ouellette-Rienks
(Yoga Specialist)

Namaste adventure-yogis! My name is Steph - I have a gypsy heart and a hippie soul. I'm also a bit of a body-nerd with a sneaky degree in Physiotherapy. I grew up spending summers in & on the water, and I feel most at home when there is somewhere to dip my toes. "Home" is a pretty fluid concept for me - I've called about 8 different countries 'home' in the last 15 years! My whole adult life I worked as a performer in waterski and stunt shows, which is what afforded such fun international opportunities, and a lot of travel. As the stunt world took a toll on my body, I started to dive seriously into yoga - and it completely changed my life. I studied and taught yoga in India for a couple seasons, and started my company Suptopia Floating Yoga in 2014. SUP yoga is where my deep love of nature beautifully collides with my passion for yoga. I love to practice outside - when you take away the walls, the ceiling, the "floor" - you somehow end up so incredibly tuned in to the world around you. Which translates to being so incredibly present within yourself. Come get mindfully adventurous with me in blissful, unspoiled Cuba...
A trip to nourish your body, mind, and soul. 

(Kayak Specialist)

I have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life, you know...... The forests, bodies of water, wetlands and all the of the incredible living beings within them. I started to kayak initially, to get closer to the wonderful critters of the wetlands exploring quietly whenever opportunity allowed. This love of kayaking deepened and soon led me to adventure racing and hours of training in the kayak. In the years to come, I wanted to share my love for paddling with others and took up guiding on the Columbia River in the Rocky Mountains. A couple years later I took a position as a Physical Education Teacher on a First Nations Reserve in Northern Coastal BC where I brought my love of kayaking to the lives of my students. I embrace every chance it get to share my passion and explore new places and can't wait to paddle alongside some new faces in Cuba!