Build Your Own Cuba Adventure! 


Quoted Upon Design

What does - Build YOUR OWN Cuba Adventure mean? 

Well, if you have looked over our Tours page and decided that you want to do them all, or maybe just certain activities or maybe you are thinking of something completely different? 

You want to get the most out of your Cuba Adventure.  So maybe, a CUSTOM tour would be perfect for you, your loved ones, colleagues or friends? 

How do we design our own Cuba Adventure? 

It’s easy! We know Cuba very well and Cuba knows us as it’s premier Adventure specialists so we will help design a custom trip itinerary and quote you based on your interests. 

How do I get a CUSTOM adventure quote? 

Above there is a button that says - BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE - Click on this and simply enter your name, nationality, email address, and phone number.

Once that is complete, please answer a few simple questions to help us understand when you would like to travel, number of participants, desired length of stay and trip budget range.

The final step is to check off what activities and destinations you are interested in.  There are over 30 amazing choices, so click on as little or as many as possible. Each activity has a picture taken from our tours associated with each place or activity along with a short description.  Lastly, hit the submit button and let us work our magic.   

When will I be contacted regarding my CUSTOM adventure?   

You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting your request form by one of our guides and program designers.  They will acknowledge your inquirer and may ask you questions that will help our team to quote you and present an amazing CUSTOM adventure package.